ADIDAS Bubble Survival Kit

Creating branding for the packaging and barrels and a few letters from Adidas to the players. Some of them had custom branding for specific players like James Harden, Donovan Mitchell, and Damian Lillard.  Gifting Door tags Labels LETTERS Final Product Case Studies Next Project Stein Co. Read Case Study

The Matian Firm

The Matian Firm Branding  |  Ads  |  Motion Graphics Demo Reel Concept and Motion Graphics Subsidiary Brand Prototype

Stein Co

The Client Stein Co. is a privately-held Luxury watches and Diamonds Company. During my time working at 711 Media, I was in charge of Stein Co-Brand Identity and e-commerce website redesign, for which I created wireframing and prototypes. Brand Identity Redesign Prototype

LPC mographs

Local Primary Care | Telemedicine Collection

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Designed for web and video See Collection Local Primary Care Micro interaction Gallery Download Button


My Frames Photography is not just a service, it is my passion 💖 Glass Ladder & Co. Coming soon Astrid Salas Coming soon Chamer’s Flower Shop Coming soon

711 media tv

711 Media tv Brand Identity and Website Redesign Branding Brand Identity Demo Reel Concept and Motion Graphics Website Prototype Screens

Vallarta Adventures

Vallarta Adventures Emailing – Mailchimp Campaigns Puerto Vallarta International Airport Animated Infographics 360 Image Banners