The Client

The Client is the owner of a local primary care service in Los Angeles who provides medical counseling over the phone. “Telemedicine,” as it’s called, is the virtual delivery of healthcare without the inconvenience of an in-person visit. 

The Client’s goal was to develop a Spanish version of this telemedicine solution in order to provide better medical care to the Hispanic community in Los Angeles. delivers medical assistance through an easy-to-use web app. 

My challenge while working at 711 Media Tv, was to create a subsidiary brand focused exclusively on the Hispanic market in Los Angeles. I developed the brand identity and brand name, Mi Doctor a la Mano – which translates to “My Doctor At Hand.” I also designed the User Experience, and User Interface (UX/UI) of the application, the infographics, motion graphics, and I was the Art Director while working with a 3D Artist, Jose Luis Armada. 

Brand Identity Mood Board & Sketches

A Brand With A Purpose

After working with the Client through a few artistic iterations and revisions, the Client and I arrived at a version that best represents the community and the brand that the Client had in mind.

Designing a Functional Web App

The primary goal of the web app is to educate the Hispanic community about the convenience and benefits of telemedicine. To best convey this idea, I created a flow based on typical user behavior, and using that analysis; I designed a functional and practical user interface for the application.

Prototype designs:

Mobile version

Desktop version

Creating Animated Graphics to Simplify the Process

To achieve our primary goal of educating the end-users about the new Spanish version of the Local Primary Care platform, I created an animated infographic using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.

3D Video Production

In collaboration with the 3D Artist, I worked to achieve just the right look, lighting, and textures for the 3D brand character.

I also worked with the 3D Artist to create an instructional video that would serve as a reference for the application developers as they constructed the app. The video was a graphical explanation of how users will interface with the web app to create a new account.

Before After

Designing a Marketing Website

The second half of this project required creating an SEO-optimized marketing website for the web app. The site would serve to connect people with the previous telemedicine application. 

This is the process I used to create the marketing and web app for and

For these websites, I created more dynamic and entertaining animations to draw potential clients to the application and explain the convenience and ease-of-use of telemedicine using Mi Doctor a La Mano. 

Desktop version

Tablet device

Mobile device

Case Studies

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