ADIDAS Bubble Survival Kit

The Story As a freelancer, I had the opportunity to work with Times 10 Agency during the 2020 NBA Bubble (also known as the Disney Bubble), to deliver a kit of gifts from Adidas to the NBA players during the 2020 pre-season. My challenge here was to create branding for the packaging and barrels and a few letters from […]

Stein Co

The Client Stein Co. is a privately-held Luxury watches and Diamonds Company. During my time working at 711 Media, I was in charge of Stein Co-Brand Identity and e-commerce website redesign, for which I created wireframing and prototypes. Brand Identity Redesign Prototype

local primary care The Client The Client is the owner of a local primary care service in Los Angeles who provides medical counseling over the phone. “Telemedicine,” as it’s called, is the virtual delivery of healthcare without the inconvenience of an in-person visit.  The Client’s goal was to develop a Spanish version of this telemedicine solution in […]

glass ladder & co The Story Glass Ladder & Co. is an American Luxury fashion designer brand. Their mission is to empower all women and fill them with confidence when stepping into business meetings, interviews, and any other professional settings. Their product based is vegan leather, a high quality synthetic material. The brand sells worldwide and has partnered […]